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Rabota uk london




Rabota uk london

Start by going to the company’s main website. If you don’t have the website address use a search engine like Google to find the address by entering the name of the company and its location. Normally, on company websites you can find an ‘About us’ section that contains a brief history of the company along with a description of their products and services. Some companies also post videos on their web sites or link to a YouTube channel. Videos may include interviews with employees of the company or information about products and services.

Within reason, you should do your best to read the information on every page of the website, watch every video, open and read every document. This is an opportunity to take notes about key moments in the company’s history, the names and functions of the main products or services, and even the name of the founder of the company. Write down the words that you are not familiar with and look up their meaning. Try to memorise those words and what they mean. This is particularly important for words or terms that seem to appear regularly in the content.

It’s also useful to carry out similar research on the websites of competitors of the company and compare their products and services. If you don’t know who the company’s competitors are then simply search for “Company Competitors” (replacing Company with the name of the company that you will be interviewing at).

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