Familiarise yourself with the job description

Rabota uk london


Rabota uk london

Slowly read the job description from the beginning to the end, highlighting all words you are not familiar with and all phrases that you don’t understand. Perform a Google web search on all the new words and all unclear phrases. This will help you find articles and blogs containing a lot of information on this particular topic. Read as much information as possible so that you can talk confidently on the subject.

It’s very important not only to memorise new words from the job description, but also to try and use them yourself while talking to the employer during the interview. This will demonstrate that you speak the same industry language as the interviewer and will increase your chances of getting the job.

Pay special attention to the salary that the employer is offering for the position. At each interview you will likely be asked “What salary you are looking for?”. In response, avoid saying “I’m happy with the figure mentioned on the job description”. Normally this indicates to the employer that you don’t remember the salary mentioned on the job spec and are afraid to name a figure just in case it is lower than what they are ready to offer. Name the figure that is ideal for you, but be mindful of the following: Once you say how much you want to get, that number normally becomes the maximum salary that you will be offered. Therefore, it’s better not to lower your demands regarding salary, but also not to ask for too much. It’s always better to be honest and say, “This is the figure that I would be happy with” – just make sure you really will be happy with it! More information regarding salary is provided in the section “Popular questions and answers”.

Only once you have ensured that you understand every single word in the job description and can freely talk on any subject mentioned there can you put the job description away and move on to the next step.

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