The day before the interview, refresh your memory


It’s best to do items 1-5 above around 2-3 days before the interview. This gives all the new information time to settle in your mind. The day before the job interview, read all the notes that you took while preparing. Read the job description one more time and make sure that you understand every single word. Read the information that you noted about your interviewers.


Also, the day before the job interview, prepare to take:

– 2-3 copies of your CV (roughly one for each interviewer)

– The job description

– A blank piece of paper

– A pen

– All the notes you took while preparing for the interview


Work out the best route to the location of the interview. Check if there are any planned road works, which can lead to traffic jams, or planned maintenance or closure of public transport links.


Plan your journey. Calculate the average time that you will need to reach your destination and add 15-20 minutes in case of any unforeseen circumstances.


Remember: punctuality is the first sign of a responsible employee!


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