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The goal of telephone interviews is normally to hear the speech of candidates, especially if one of the main duties of the role is to communicate with new or potential clients over the phone.

If your interview is with a company where they are looking for bilingual employees, then most likely the conversation will be initially in English and then in your mother tongue or language in which you are fluent.

At that stage employers normally ask candidates to talk about themselves, their experience and plans for the future. They ask questions which require expansive (longer) answers so that they can study the accuracy and confidence of your speech as well as evidence of logical thinking.

Sometimes employers will deliberately ask you an inappropriate question. Normally this is done to see how you react to an awkward or stressful situation. This allows them to gauge how you might react when faced with a rude or aggressive client. Remember that it is important to remain calm and professional at all times.

Step by step instructions for preparing for a telephone interview

20-30 minutes before the call

– Find a place where nobody can disturb you.

– Make sure that it is a place where you can talk out loud rather than whisper.

– Prepare a glass or bottle of water – when we talk a lot or get nervous we always feel thirsty.

– Prepare all your notes and quickly browse through them so that you know where to find different information you might need when talking to the interviewer.

– Print out and place your CV in front of you. Sometimes people get so nervous that they forget what they have written about themselves.

– Place the job description in front of you.

– Prepare a blank sheet of paper and a pen for taking new notes.

– Make sure that you are sitting comfortably.

– If it’s noisy outside then shut the window as the noise can distract your attention.

During the telephone interview

– It’s more difficult to make a good impression over the phone as you only have one tool that you can use to make the interviewer like you – your voice. Therefore, you should pay special attention to not only what you are saying, but also how you are saying it. Make sure that your voice always sounds calm, soft, and friendly.

– Always try to smile when talking – this will soften your voice.

– Make sure that you don’t interrupt the interviewer and always let them finish their sentence or question before your start talking again. This will show that you have good listening skills.

– If the interviewer asks you a question that you don’t understand or couldn’t hear, then politely ask them to repeat the question.

– It’s very important to always keep your energy levels up – from the very beginning to the very end of the conversation, no matter what. This will leave a good impression of you, even after the interview is finished.

– At the end of the conversation remember to thank the interviewer for their time. Say that it was very nice to talk to them, and that you will look forward to hearing their decision in regards to your candidacy.

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