Souce-Chef, Cook

Job Detail
  • Posted by Direct Employer
  • Salary Range GBP £12.00-£15.00
  • Salary type Per Hour
  • Telephone 07799560505
Job Description

La Tartine London Ltd is looking for an ambisous and creative professional to join the team, serve a fresh seasonal menu and be effectively in the kitchen. This individual will have unique opportunity to participate in the development of our business. A brand-new European kitchen restaurant which is divided into two zones: a bakery and a lunch / dinner area. You’ll be working with seasonal, local and regional ingredients within an enthusiastic team that really understands the importance of getting food right.

The Role will include:

– Food preparation
– Blanks
– Cooking
– Cleaning the kitchen
– Food Inventory
– Compiling a list of products for purchase
– Stop list
– Check list

The ideal candidate must:

• Experience work in a team;
• Knowledge and experience in French, Italian, English cuisines.
• The presence of certificates of education as a Cook.
• Recommendations letters.
• Minimum 3 years of experience of working in the position of Cook (proof of the same will be required);
• Knowledge of laws and regulations governing hygiene and cleanliness in the restaurant business;
• Ability to work at peak times, stress resistance;
• Responsibility;
• Punctuality;
• Cleanliness.

Should you wish to apply for this position, please send you CV and supporting documents now to the following email address


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