Russian Speaking Sustainability Research Analyst in Witham CM8

Job Detail
Job Description

Company/Name: Minerva Analytics Ltd.

Location: Witham CM8.

Job Type: Permanent.

Specialism: Management.


Urgently needed

In a rapidly developing industry, Minerva Analytics is proud to show its commitment to aiding and improving responsible investment amongst its diverse range of customers. We providing robust and informed, but always impartial, research into the day-to-day practices of the world’s businesses.

Having recently affirmed our position as one of eighteen founding member of #NetZero Service Providers Alliance – alongside two of the world’s largest credit rating agencies, six major audit networks, three leading index providers and two global stock exchanges 1 – and with industry expansion at such a rapid pace, we now need to expand our knowledgeable and reliable staffing base. To support this progress onwards, and as we seek to put climate and sustainability at the heart of professional financial decision-making.

The Analyst’s Role

Minerva’s Research Analysts aim to:

Understand customers’ present and evolving needs in respect of ESG, governance and sustainability data analysis, to then research, analyse, evaluate and monitor the developing relationship that client portfolio companies have with the sustainability of their business decisions and routine activities.
To support these actions by ensuring that Minerva database records are updated in a timely fashion, whilst accurately storing relevant data, plus informed but neutral summary opinions on performance with considered comparison with industry peers.
To enable Minerva customers to fulfil their ESG, stewardship and proxy voting through the provision of high-quality data, reports and advice in respect of global quoted companies.
And to support the customer’s learning process during this time of change in the expanding field of sustainability and environmental responsibility, ensuring their awareness of the potential impact on future business of choices they may make.
Job Description & Skills Set

Each day an ESG Data Analyst will be expected to review the elaborate range of publicly disclosed sustainability data of an increasing number of global organisations, and from a broad range of industry backgrounds. Then to summarise, record and circulate informed data reviews for customers’ use and based on stipulated demands. This includes database records updating and production of both core research summary reports and ad-hoc customer project reviews.

To achieve this, staff will need to have an analytical work methodology, with commitment to apprized research and analysis in practical detail. Supported by an ability to see beyond the routine and an active interest to expand their understanding in a developing market.

A neutral approach is core to Minerva’s work ethic, and each day will require a judicious application of a broad range of personal skills, existing and expanding knowledge sets, whilst producing high-quality written reports and working to variable deadlines.

The business industry may have taken some time to accept the role of sustainability in its ledgers, but now this relevance is understood, demands will change at a rapid pace and the work our analysts produce needs to be comprehensive and reliable.

Specific Skills & Qualifications

Minerva faces a uniquely diverse drawing board each day, so we look for diversity amongst our employees. A motivated working attitude amongst colleagues and quality production whilst working under pressure are core.

Experience from fields including business sustainability, sustainability and management, and social sciences degrees, data science, law, economics, finance and accounting; business studies, as well as international or European and management studies all provide a suitable analytical perspective for the work involved. Key skills sets are seen amongst candidates with at least undergraduate-level degree certification, or equivalent.

Prior experience in the field is not essential, as full training will be provided, but would be considered valuable. Similarly, experience in academic research, business systems analysis and policy or market research are desirable, but not essential due to the choice nature of the research being performed.


Good English is essential, second language (EU or global) is also valuable. Some markets do not disclose in English, and therefore require business-level language abilities (including, but not limited to, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, Arabic).

Additional Skills

Strong PC literacy using Windows Office packages is essential. This includes Microsoft Access. Full training will be provided on software packaging including PGSQL or Access SQL, Python, R and Power BI, but previous experience would be beneficial.

Expected Start Date: 04/10/2021

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: ?23,000.00-?27,500.00 per year


Work from home

8 hour shift
Day shift
Monday to Friday

Bachelor’s (required)
Work remotely:

Temporarily due to COVID-19


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