How to answer questions at the interview



Try to answer questions using only positive language and avoid negative words such as: problems, conflict, disappointment etc.

Also, try to avoid saying the word “not” too many times. If you use this word too often it can indicate the presence of a negative experience in past roles. For example, instead of “I want to change jobs because they are not moving me up the career ladder” it’s better to say “I would feel happier working in a company where I have the opportunity to advance my career”.

Interviewers will often use a technique called “projection questions”. You can be asked a question that initially seems not to apply to you directly. For example, “Describe the ideal relationship between colleagues” or “In which situations is it ok to lie?”. Normally, when answering questions like these, people begin to unconsciously describe events that are based on their personal experience. Using this technique, the interviewer is trying to get as much additional information about you as possible. Be mindful of this tactic and remember to always answer questions from a positive angle.

When preparing candidates for job interviews, we always recommend that they think of questions that they would ask if they were hiring for that role.

In the section “Examples of questions and answers at job interviews” we have provided you with some examples of questions that you may be asked during the interview and the best possible answers that you can offer in reply.

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