Mind your body language



Remember that many employers not only know about body language, but also place as much importance on this as they do on the content of your answers. The main indicators of someone being nervous or trying to disguise something are: suddenly changing your seating position (for example, when the interviewer asks an uncomfortable question), constantly touching your face, fiddling with your pen or other objects and shaking your leg.

So that you don’t get distracted thinking about how you sit or what gestures you are making when talking, you should practice at home. Sit at a table and ensure that your back and neck are straight, shoulders are relaxed, lower arms are resting on the table and that you are sitting comfortably. Do not interlock your fingers as this can be seen as a sign that you are trying to hide something. Sit like this for a while and memorise this pose. Imagine that you are talking to the interviewer. This will help you to feel more confident and relaxed at the interview.

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